Spread over 5 acres, Ambience Public School Gurgaon with its sprawling campus, is a vibrant new age school, that offers quality education of international standard which includes character education and education for life, to students in the age group 3 years to 12 years.

The school is a safe, barrier free haven for young learners with its beautifully, airy and inviting learning spaces that are educational laboratories that fosters creativity, individuality and commitment. With state of the art infrastructure and facilities and an impassioned team the school caters to the educational needs of K to 12 students by preparing them for their future roles in the society. A child centric school where the focus is on inquiry, exploration and collaboration and where the teachers are facilitators and partners in the learning process, the school endeavors to nurture self-reliant and responsible global citizens. The school follows CBSE curriculum.

The School vision

To provide a learning environment that is the third teacher, providing children opportunities to question, explore, discover and learn. Through a differentiated and engaging learner centered curriculum our students would not only achieve academic excellence, but display the three principles of Resourcefulness, Respect and Responsibility towards becoming the change makers and thought leaders in the society.

Our mission

We as a learning community of parents, administrators, students, staff and business partners are committed to create a stimulating and safe environment where everyone learns and respects each other. Through innovative techniques and latest pedagogy, life skills education, project based learning and service learning opportunities we strive to enhance life-long learning, nurture growth and responsibility and inspire greatness. Student learning is our priority and our aim is to help each student realize his or her full potential.

The School moto

Humanity First

We believe in the inherent goodness of every individual and our endeavor is to be the best versions of ourselves. This is reflected in our motto of Humanity First. Just as the bright rays of the rising sun our students will shine brilliantly bringing light, warmth and joy to themselves and those around them. Striving ahead with a firm resolve to challenge all difficulties and obstacles our students will always be in the forefront to create peace within and around them.

School core values

Resourcefulness, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, commitment to excellence, willingness to lead and serve. These are reflected in the school’s educational environment and can be seen in all our transactions. Through role modeling, values of self-discipline, self-reliance, fair play and compassion are inculcated in the entire school community. The school aims to engage all stakeholders by touching their hearts.

  • We value People - value and respect for every individual.
  • We are Passionate – putting in our very best in everything we do.
  • We are aware of interrelatedness - ourselves and our environment - our responsibility towards our planet and our surroundings.


Mr Raj Singh Gehlot, the dynamic and charismatic chairman of Ambience group of Companies is a man with a heart of gold. A chartered accountant by profession, his dream is to establish a world class institution that provides a safe and stimulating environment where children are nurtured with loving care. The school is the realization of a long cherished dream of his late father Shri Nihal Singh, a visionary educator and thought leader of his times. An extraordinarily disciplined man, Mr. Gehlot feels that the importance of discipline and education in the life of an individual cannot be overstated. It shapes an individual and influences the choices made by him in later years.

Mr Raj Singh Gehlot

The Chairman

Mr. Raj Singh Gehlot

He believes that every child has the inherent capability to succeed, all they need is the right atmosphere which encourages discovery, a spirit of enquiry and the ability to communicate effectively. According to him education must be meaningful and relevant and must equip the child with the necessary life skills that are required to become valuable members of the society. His guiding principle is to keep the interest of the institution and society at large while taking any decision.

He says, "If you are planning for a year sow rice, if you are planning for a decade plant trees, if you are planning for a life time educate".


Charming and dignified Mrs. Sheela Gehlot exudes exuberance in her thoughts and approach to education. A hands on person herself she encourages experiential learning as children learn best by doing. Her belief is that every individual should strive towards becoming the best they can be. She feels that apart from the usual business of literacy and numeracy children must learn self- respect and respect for others, problem solving, conflict management and aesthetics in order to become complete individuals. Even though very involved with all the school activities she feels closest to the children in the Pre Primary wing and is always looking for new ways to make learning a joyful experience.

Mrs Sheela Gehlot

Co-chairperson & Manager

Mrs. Sheela Gehlot


An impassioned leader with several innovative ideas, in fact she is the team lead for the pioneering Teacher Mentoring program initiated at Ambience Public School in partnership with ECHO India Trust. Mrs Rai has a burning zeal to make education relevant to the needs of the present times. According to her, childhood is a magical period in one’s life, a fact that is often forgotten during the planning and transaction of the curriculum. Her endeavour is to ensure that education is meaningful and enjoyable. She believes that one must dream big, and then work towards making those dreams come true. Mrs. Anuradha Rai, brings with her a rich academic and administrative experience of over two decades in reputed schools.

Ambience School Gurgaon Principal


Mrs. Anuradha Rai

A post graduate in English Literature and a B.Ed, she has a wide experience of setting up world class schools. She is the recipient of the prestigious ‘Teaching Excellence and Achievement Fellowship’ of the US Department of State and IREX in 2010, and the State Teacher Award by the Federation of Public Schools (2012). Her two year stay in Holland and experience and training in Montana along with her internship in Bozeman High School has added to her vision and given her a first-hand understanding of the international best practices in education.


Passionately committed to the interest of providing quality education to our young citizens, Mrs Kavita Malik propagates the philosophy that there’s a key to each child and that each child is an individual who deserves a well-balanced start to education, concentrating equally on all areas of learning. Her philosophy is that “There’s more to literacy than ABC and more to Math than 1,2,3...”.
She has a Bachelor’s Degrees in Commerce and Education and a diverse experience of teaching in international schools on one hand and public schools in India on the other. She has first-hand experience of the considerations parents need to make when choosing schools and strongly believes that parents are partners in the learning growth of the children

Ambience School Gurgaon Headmistress


Mrs. Kavita Malik


Our staff are partners in the teaching learning process learning. Our commitment towards setting high standards can be seen in the attitude of our faculty that is amongst the best and the most committed. With an eclectic mix of experience and youth the team is highly committed towards making teaching a meaningful and enjoyable experience.