• Our staff are partners in the teaching learning process learning. Our commitment towards setting high standards can be seen in the attitude of our faculty that is amongst the best and the most committed. With an eclectic mix of experience and youth the team is highly committed towards making teaching a meaningful and enjoyable experience.
Learning Environment

Staff list (academic)

Pre-primary teachers

  1. Nayna Batra (Pre Primary)
  2. Anjali Mutreja (Asst.Teacher & Art Teacher)
  3. Monika Abbi (Pre Primary )

Primary teachers

  1. Somya Bajaj (PRT)
  2. Bhawna Saxena (PRT)
  3. Ishani Uppal (PRT)
  4. Juhie Chaudhary (PRT)
  5. Sonu Kaushal (PRT)


  1. Gunjan Chandola (Physical Educator)
  2. Meenakshi Sharma (Performing Arts)
  3. Shikha Chauhan (ICT Teacher)
  4. Aditi Bhudhiraja (Librarian)
  5. Divya Sharma (Counsellor)
  6. Richa Bajaj Puri (Daycare Teacher)