Beyond Curriculum


  • The school has a structured curriculum for sports for different age groups which focuses on the gross motor and fine motor development. In addition to this, emphasis is laid on physical fitness and emotional well- being through various programs. We believe in putting in our best effort in everything.
  • Learning to persevere and not give up helps students become individuals with strong determination and grit.
  • The school offers basket ball, squash, football, cricket, badminton, athletics, gymnastics and swimming

Performing visual arts

Be it music, dance, drama or creative and visual arts the students are encouraged to find the hidden musician, actor, orator, artist, dancer, writer within them. Valuing each student’s effort, exposing them to elements of design and innovation help each child find his or her own creative space. We regularly exhibit our students work with great pride.

Art Art Art


According to the great Greek philosopher Aristotle, ' Music has the power of forming the character and therefore should be introduced into the education of the young'. Research shows that children till age 8 are very good at picking up sounds by ear. It has also been found that music helps and supports language and cognitive abilities apart from making one confident and disciplined. Keeping all these facts in mind the school has music as an integral part of the curriculum.