Early Years Programme Pre K and KG


  • Inculcate the joy of learning and support students in their journey of discovery.
  • Help students develop a strong sense of identity, become independent and responsible, have a positive attitude and self - image and display resilience when faced with challenges.
  • Encourage students to become socially adept, capable of establishing relationships with others, being aware of fairness and justice and ready to collaborate with peers and adults from different backgrounds and embrace diversity.
  • Enable students to become effective communicators, capable of using different media for communication.
  • Promoting familiarity with symbols, patterns and their uses, versatility with use of numbers, data handling, shapes and measurement.
  • Awareness about the natural and manmade world and their role and responsibilities towards sustainable development.
  • Helping build Aesthetics appreciation and creative expression.

Our Curriculum Approach

We have a learner centered approach that supports the development of thinking and life skills at all levels through standards based units of instruction, Project based learning, Simulated learning, Outdoor education and community service learning opportunities. Our students engage actively in Inquiry, exploration, collaboration and having fun while learning. Ethics and values, learning to do what is right-respect, Morality, Citizenship, Personal Emotional wellbeing and Mindfulness are all an integral part of our curriculum.

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