Primary school 1st to 5th


  • Supporting students in their journey of discovering the joy of learning
  • Strengthening student’s holistic development
  • Enabling students to take ownership for their learning and acquire knowledge, concepts, skills, values and attitudes that will help them become lifelong learners and progress at their own individual pace.
  • Building personal, social and problem solving skills.
  • Promoting Literacy, numeracy and digital literacy with progression achieved through thinking, manipulating, reporting and presenting results.
  • Supporting Bilingualism and multilingualism.
  • Building Science and technology competence.
  • Encouraging Critical and innovative thinking.
  • Encouraging Aesthetics appreciation and creative expression.
  • Helping students become capable of sustaining their chances in the world of work.
  • Encouraging students to readily embrace mobility and deal with challenges through mindfulness. Enabling our students to be peacemakers - within and without.
  • Promoting values of social justice in a constantly changing local, regional and global reality. Self- regulation and Learning to do what is right.
  • Encouraging and respecting diversity and valuing differences.
  • Promoting the rich and cultural heritage community service, responsibility towards environment.

Our Curriculum Approach

We have a learner centered approach that supports the development of thinking and life skills at all levels through standards based units of instruction, Project based learning, Simulated learning, Outdoor education and community service learning opportunities. Our students engage actively in inquiry, exploration, collaboration and having fun while learning. Ethics and values, learning to do what is right-respect, Morality, Citizenship, Personal emotional well -being and Mindfulness are all an integral part of our curriculum.

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